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I am an IT professional with skills in web development, helpdesk support and operational support.

Skills Developing since 2013


9 yrs



9 yrs



9 yrs


React JS

3 yrs



6 yrs



6 yrs



8 yrs



8 yrs



7 yrs



6 yrs



Website Development for 323Design

List of Wordpress websites that I have worked on for 323Design in Nashville, Tennessee. I setup the site, customize them using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP, then I migrate them from staging to production.
2021 - present


I built the front-end of an eccommerce website from an updated design by the web designer. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery. 2022

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My website that I created with Wordpress, Elementor, HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript and JSON. It uses various api's and JS libraries that I have integrated to showcase web tools that me or others have created.
2022 - present

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Email Development

Emails that I have created with HTML or email builders for clients. Sites used (Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Sendgrid, MailPoet)
2017 - present

Hosting Website

My hosting website. You can buy hosting, domains, and security.
2022 - present

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Music streaming website promoting clean songs. (With Stripe payment integration) 2021 - present

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Preventa Landing Page

Built out landing page for Preventa.us - Better Cancer Outcomes. Uses Wordpress.

CatalyIt Development

Joined a team to help build pages on CatalyIt before launching. Uses Wordpress & Elementor.

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Booking/Appointment Website

Design & development of demo booking website. Designed in Figma. Uses Wordpress & Elementor.
2022 - present

Cat Dog Coupons

WordPress website.
- Child theme customizations.
- Custom Plugins & Api integrations. 2021

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Site created with Bootstrap 5, HTML, CSS, JavaScript. 2021

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Demo Ecommerce site built with Shopify. 2021

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Admin panel website for Logicom USA. 2020

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Travelistic - Landing Page

Landing page created with HTML, CSS, JavaScript. 2021

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Demo Ecommerce Wordpress site. Customized with a child theme. Personal. 01/2018 – present

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JCPenneyInsiders.com Redesign

Programming the redesign of JcpenneyInsiders community website. Professional work from my job for our client JCPenney. 2017

FXGlitch (inactive)

Wordpress site built for my brother's forex business. Personal. 05/2016

Plaid Integration (WIX Site)

Integrated Plaid API into Earnguard. 2020

Helix animation using GSAP

Animates as you scroll down using GreenSock ScrollTrigger. 2020

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Courses dashboard - CodeMeCorrect Inc.

Data visualization charts & tables using Chart.JS created for CodeMeCorrect Inc. 2020

Dodo Delivery (Wordpress Theme)

Catalog site that pulls Animal Crossing items from Google Sheets. 2020

EntergyPluggedIn.com Redesign

Programming the redesign of EntergyPluggedIn community website. Professional work from my job for our client Entergy. 2017

AepInsightPanel.com Redesign

Programming the redesign of AepInsightPanel community website. Professional work from my job for our client AEP. 2017


Programming our company's community website. Professional work from my job. 2017

ReactJS Checkers

Prototype 2 player Checkers game using ReactJS, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, D3, SVG. Personal. 08/2019

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Text Message Web App

Prototype web app. Utilizing Firebase & JS. Personal. 08/2017 – present

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Wordpress website. Customized with a child theme & action/filter hooks. 2016 - present

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Tile Tanks

Android online multiplayer gaming app developed with Construct 3. Personal. 2017 – present

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Wordpress website to showcase beats/instrumentals. Personal. 2016 - present

Video game style portfolio

Portfolio website that resembles a Mario-like video game. Built from scratch using HTML, Javascript, CSS, and libraries including Bootstrap, JQuery, and GreenSock. Personal. 2018

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Current Portfolio

Portfolio website created from scratch using HTML, JS, CSS, Boostrap, svg, anime.js. Personal. 08/2019 – present



University of North Carolina at Pembroke

Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology

Graduation date: May 2013

Length: 4 years

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Freelance | Contract Web Developer
Nov 2020 – present
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Upwork profile link: https://www.upwork.com/freelancers/lassitek

62 Completed Jobs. 9 In Progress.

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Company: LogicomUSA
Title: Web Developer
Dec 2019 – Dec 2020 (1 year)
Scotch Plains, New Jersey
Responsibilities include:
- Developing website portals (front and back-end), web APIs, and utility scripts.
- Email template creation
- SSL site implementation
- Database administration (creating & altering tables, creating MYSQL users)
- System administration (creating linux users, managing permissions, installing linux packages, creating Virtual Machines, installing applications on VM's like xWiki, Homer, rConfig, Unifi)
Languages/Libraries/Frameworks: Javascript, PHP, HTML, CSS, BootStrap, JSON, AJAX, DataTables, Chartist, Chart.JS.
OS: Linux, Cent OS 7, Ubuntu, Windows
Tools: VSphere, IIS, PuTTY, WinSCP, VMWare, MySQL, PHPMyAdmin, AnyDesk

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Company: Bellomy Research
Title: Technical Operations Specialist
05/2016 – 12/2019 (3 years)
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Responsibilities include:
- Programming online surveys with JavaScript/HTML/CSS
- Resolving tech support tickets, creating documentation, monitoring servers and restarting services when necessary.
- Programming/updating tables, charts, and modules on the client's portal website
- Front-end development for our community websites by the web designer's request
- Create/updating email templates with HTML
- Managing hotfix deployments
- System testing, project release testing, and operational support
- Assisting groups like Platform Development, DevOps, Client Solutions as needed when workload allows.
Languages: Javascript, JSON, HTML, CSS, SQL, Jquery, VBScript, TML(tabular markup language)
Tools: Jira, Confluence, Solarwinds, Splunk, Telligent, Twilio

Survey examples:

Portal/Research Cloud examples:

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Company: Moore Regional Hospital
Title: JavaScript Programmer
11/2013 – 12/2015 (2 years)
Pinehurst, North Carolina
Responsibilities include:
Managing & developing web-based physician order forms (iForms) for the hospital and other various task. Physicians use them to order medicine, determine diagnosis, set up appointments, set up x-rays, determine wound care, and many other healthcare related things.
Languages: Javascript, HTML, CSS, VGR scripting, some JQuery, slight linux.
Tools: Dreamweaver, Filezilla, PuTTY, McKesson Horizon Clinical (now McKesson Homecare)
iForm examples:

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Tim Kline
Supervisor at Moore Regional Hospital

"I worked with Corey several years ago. Primarily Corey was a Web developer where we specifically developed web based physician orders for an acute hospital. We used JavaScript and html. In addition we migrated and managed the files in Linux and FTP processes. Corey was punctual and had a good work ethic. "

Kelvin Morrisey Jr
Developer & teammate at Moore Regional Hospital

"A quick learner and was able to catch onto development concepts easily. Resolved issues in a timely manner. Approachable and friendly to work with. "

Therman Cherry
IS End User Device Analyst at Fayetteville PWC (Public Works Commission)

"Corey was one of our interns. He was very hungry to Learn. He followed instructions and had a great attendance record. His personality was one that was easy to work with and fostered a good work environment. Any company should feel privileged to have him as an employee. "

Magie Fishburne
HR Advisor at Fayetteville PWC (Public Works Commission)

"Corey Lassiter was a Summer Intern in the Information Systems department for the Summer of 2012. So far as I am able to discern from the Department, he was a good employee! "

Tools I Have Used

Databases MySQL, SQL Server Management Studio, MongoDB, MS-Access, Sqlite, phpMyAdmin
Ticketing/Documentation Jira, Confluence, Numara Track-It!, Trello
CMS (Content Management Systems) Wordpress, Oxwall
Monitering/Operations Solarwinds, Splunk, Skybot
Version Control TortoiseSVN, Github
Tools/Softwares Filezilla, npm, node JS, Adobe XD, Microsoft Office (Word, etc...), Remote Desktop, VirtualBox, PuTTY, Skype, Cpanel, Bash, Git Bash, Twilio
Operating Systems Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, Mac OS
Computer Languages HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, Java, XML, JSON, T-SQL, VGR
Libraries/Frameworks JQuery, Bootstrap, React, Greensock, AnimeJS
Text Editors/Developer Tools Visual Studio Code, Dreamweaver, Notepad++, Android Studios, Eclipse
Photo Editors Photoshop, Gimp, Inkscape, Paint.net, PhotoDirector
Video Editors PowerDirector 15
Music Editors FL Studio 12, Audacity
Video Game Creators Construct 2 & 3

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